Harris Roofing Specialists The story behind the founder

Steve Harrris

Steve Harris

    Steve founded Harris Roofing Specialist    in 1985.  He is the 1% of Owens Corning   Platinum  Preferred Master Roofing contractors. Some of the benefits include     best-in-class materials, tools, resources,                 extensive discounts, the industries                          best warranties. Plus it                    attracts the best talent  

Here is how it all started

Steve Harris, founder of Harris Roofing Specialists worked for nearly 7 years prior to starting his own business.  He earned his reputation as a World-Class Residential Roofing Contractor and was relentless in his pursuit to become a Platinum Owens Corning Master Roofer

Harris Roofing Specialists has served the Millbrook and Hudson valley for over 35 years. It’s notable to mention prior to having his own Roofing Contracting Business he aligned with the most talented and hardworking roofing contracting companies at that time. He works incredibly hard and Steve’s ability to quickly learn and apply his skills was well recognized.

 Steve was a natural leader, teacher, and great manager.    In those early days, he sought after the best local master roofers for mentors.  They would constantly inspire him to achieve the seemingly impossible levels of skill and experience. 

Although Steve also worked for roofing companies that took shortcuts, and did not have integrity, he learned so much.  He realized they were better qualified as snake-oil salesmen than skilled roofers.  It made him want to start his own company to do the very best for residential homeowners.  Steve grew up poor and couldn’t handle seeing others take advantage of good hard-working families.  

Steve learned that although it was much harder in the short term and more expensive to do the right thing and best job, in the long run he would thrive and his company would have longevity and his clients would provide referrals and be extremely happy.  35 years later with countless awards, referrals accreditations certification and well over 5000 roofing projects completed to near perfection, he was very right. Harris Roofing Specialists has nearly a fleet of trucks and over 30 workers. 




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